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Solar Fencing System

Solar Fencing System controls Un authorized persons by giving them a short, sharp but safe Shock, which is sufficiently memorable that they never forget it.

Electric Fencing System

Electric Fencing System is the first line of defense against unauthorized access. This Electric Fencing protects properties From Un authorized Persons. 

High Security Solar Fencing

High Security Solar Fencing System is an advanced version of normal security fencing system.These High Security Solar fencing are specifically designed for High Security Areas. 

About Us

Kendo Security Systems Pvt Ltd in Bengaluru is the leading manufacturers of Solar fencing System In India. We opereate this solar fencing in Bengaluru base. This Solar Security Power Fencing System actively controls entry of animals, human beings by giving them a short, sharp but safe shock for Residential and industrial applications. We are offering several models of Solar Power Fencing Systems. These systems are designed to save the premises from unwanted activities, and make difficult for would-be intruders to cut through the alarmed fence. we also undertake the services in term of consultancy, designing and executions of security systems. 


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